About Us

What makes us proud
omnia people has been operating as an independent and autonomous company in the segment of qualified personnel consulting and job placement since 2020. Through our extensive network, a strong customer focus, a wealth of experience, we always strive to provide suitable solutions for both companies and job seekers and remain open to new, unconventional ideas.

Our scope of services goes far beyond the commercial, technical, handicraft, construction and health care sectors. In doing so, we do not force anything, but only bring together what really fits and can work.

We rely on teamwork
Our team is in close contact, exchanges ideas and works towards a common goal, which also benefits our customers. We also consider the cooperation with our customers as teamwork and want to find the right solution for all together.

We are from the business
Our competent personnel consultants have knowledge of the industry and have also undergone further training in human resources. Thus, potential clients are accurately assessed and moved to the right position, in the right place, according to their professional and personal skills.

We are uncomplicated
Our work processes are kept simple and short. This enables us to offer a convincing solution at short notice and flexibly in case of personnel bottlenecks.

We serve the whole of German-speaking Switzerland in German, English, Italian and other languages.

We strive to provide job seekers and corporate clients with support that is characterized by quality, speed, discretion and competent advice.

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